Today I am in the mood for Orange!


Today I am in the mood for Orange! – Salmon rolls..yum…

Orange element helps to increase our appetite, encourages us to go beyond our limit, and a mood lifting colour.

What makes salmon orange?
The characteristic pink to red-orange color of wild and farmed salmon is due to the presence of two molecules called astaxanthin and canthaxanthin.

Astaxanthin also gives many crustaceans such as shrimp, crayfish, crabs and lobster their characteristic colour. Astaxanthin and canthaxanthin are members of a class of naturally occurring pigments known as carotenoids – the same pigment found in carrots.

Have a happy Friday 🙂


Personalise Your Home Colours for 2016

Evelyn Leong colour therapy Cittabella January 2016 -1Evelyn Leong colour therapy Cittabella January 2016 -2

Kick start your 2016 by personalising your home colours! Are you tired with the same old colours on your walls for the past two decades? Do you mostly feel inspired when you are in your home space, or you feel totally drained out? Sometimes we may not realise it but the wall colours in your room or house may not be ” synchronising” with your natural Life Colour.

First thing first before you head straight to the hardware shop to grab yourself some paints, calculate your life colour and decide what combination colours work better for you.  If your life colour is orange, consider having paint colour combinations such as orange, indigo and magenta in the room, whereas colour such as purple or violet may create a sense of ” stagnancy” as a lack of motivation to take actions or be more active.

Thank you Cittabella magazine for this beautiful January 2016 feature. So readers, what are you waiting for? Go grab a brush and have some fun colouring up your home!



Attracting What You Want In Life with Colour Visualization

We have often heard about creative visualization and how the law of attraction helps create the result we desire by just simply visualizing the result we want. Now how about adding colour elements into your visualization and experience for yourself, how colours can help attract the type of energy you required to achieve the desire you want. Sounds complicating? Not really.

Imagine you want a job promotion and a pay raise desperately by end of this year, and you have done whatever required to be appraised accordingly by the company. Let’s do some visualization exercise here to start you off right away :-

  1. Now imagine you are already promoted and enjoying your pay raise. What are you doing with this additional income? Instead of just vaguely say that I will go for a holiday, imagine yourself in this holiday trip – where is this place? Who are you with? What is the surrounding colour in your visual?

2. Imagine you saw yourself laughing happily, so relaxed and so contented – What are you doing? Look at your hands, what are you holding with you? Who is around you and what are they doing? What colour is surrounding you?

3. Take note of what you observed during your visualization exercise, and the colour that appears in your imagination. Some of the examples of the colours from rainbow spectrum : Red indicates certain action required; orange indicates some risk to be taken; yellow indicates clarity required; green indicates balance required; blue indicates being honest and communicate; indigo indicates to just follow your heart and go with the flow and violet indicates inspiration is the driving purpose. So what is the colour that kept appearing in your visual? Focus on this colour for the next few days and allow the energy of this colour to synchronize with you. You will start to notice that many unexpected events or good news coming to you, and eventually leading you towards your desire outcome.

Have fun experimenting! 😉